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Agriculture Oils

Farm Oils


Universal Tractor Type. Stacor offers multi-grade, multi-purpose oils for use in agriculture tractors and equipment. Stacor Farm Oils can be used in transmission, final drives, hydraulic systems and oil immersed brakes.

Stacor Farm Oils offer a range of customer benefits such as high load carrying capacity, reduced chatter in wet brake systems, high thermal stability and excellent diesel engine performance.

Herewith below is a list of the Farm Oils offered:

Agri Oil


Stacor offers sheer stable, multi-grade super tractor oil universal (STOU) fluid, also known as Agri Oil.

Stacor Agri Oil are designed for use in lubricating agricultural tractors and other equipment in both diesel and petrol engines, tractor hydraulics, power steering units, gear drives and wet brake systems.

Stacor Agri Oil offer a wide range of applications, as it is a Universal Oil which can be used on the majority of farm and construction equipment.

Herewith below is a list of our Universal Oils (STOU) offered:

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