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Automotive Lubricants

Engine Oils

Mineral Based

High-Performance engine oils, containing high quality virgin base oils for both diesel and petrol engines. Stacor engine oils meet the severe lubrication requirements of European, US and Japanese heavy duty, high speed turbo-charged diesel and petrol engines.

Migro Range

Cedo Range

Cedo Range

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Motus Range

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Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil


Stacor semi-synthetic oils are manufactured from advanced Hydro Treated base fluids and the latest additive technology. Our semi-synthetic engine oils are designed for use in multi fleet gasoline and diesel engines.

Our semi-synthetic range of engine oils will protect camshafts, critical valve gear and bearings from wear, even under severe cold start conditions, as well as controlling rust and corrosion.

Herewith below is a list of our semi-synthetic engine oils:

Fully Synthetic Oils:


Stacor fully synthetic engine oils are designed for use in high performance, heavy duty diesel and petrol engines. Our fully synthetic engine oils offer a range of benefits such as better fuel economy; extended engine service life; better engine power; reduce emissions.

Herewith below is a list of our fully synthetic engine oils:

Gear Oils

Arma Gear Oil

Stacor gear oils can be used in automotive axles which are subject to heavy duty conditions, as well as offering increased protection for final drives and transmissions operating in severe applications.

Our gear oils offer a range of benefits such as good oxidation stability; good anti-rust characteristics; excellent anti-wear

Herewith below is a list of our gear oils:

Transmission Fluid

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Stacor Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF) are blended from high quality mineral virgin base oils and multifunctional additives. Our ATF’s are designed for use is a range of vehicles and equipment such as automatic transmissions on passenger vehicles and trucks; power steering and hydraulic systems on vehicles and earth moving equipment; mobile, marine and industrial hydraulic systems.

Herewith below is a list of ATF’s offered:

Sta Trans

Torque Fluids

Stacor Trans Torque Fluids are specially formulated to satisfy the requirements of the Caterpillar TO-4 specifications. Blended using only quality virgin paraffinic base oils, these fluids are high performance, non-friction modified, heavy duty transmission fluids primarily designed for power shift transmissions and final drives.

Herewith below is a list of the Trans Torque Fluids offered:

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