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Glacio / Regelo

Stacor Antifreeze solutions are manufactured using high quality chemical compounds. Our Antifreeze Solutions are blended with a well selected range of anti-corrosive and anti-scaling additives. Our Antifreeze Solutions affords protection and minimises corrosion to all metal components in the cooling system of internal combustion engines

Herewith below is a list of our Antifreeze Oils offered:


Two Stroke AC

Stacor Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF) are blended from high quality mineral virgin base oils and multifunctional additives. Our ATF’s are designed for use is a range of vehicles and equipment such as automatic transmissions on passenger vehicles and trucks; power steering and hydraulic systems on vehicles and earth moving equipment; mobile, marine and industrial hydraulic systems.

Herewith below is a list of Two Stroke Oils offered:


STA 110, VG150

Stacor offers 2 grades of cutterbar Chainlube Oils. Our Chainlube oils are produced from mineral / base oils, containing an anti-fling and anti-wear additive package. It has been formulated to provide maximum protection to both the cutter bar and chain under all operating conditions.

Herewith below is a list of our Chainlube offered:

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