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White Mineral Oils


Stacor offers a wide range of mineral oils; extending from low to medium and heavy viscosity ranges dependent on your requirements. 

Our Stella, Solis, Opblaasolie and Dough Divider
product ranges are blended and packaged in an
ISO22000:2018 Certified Plant.


Cosmetic and Technical

Our Stella Cosmetic and Technical Grade White Mineral Oil can be safely used in industries such as:

• Cosmetics

• Textiles, Plastics

• Agriculture and

• Hot-melt adhesives

• A blending base for cosmetic products and personal care

Herewith below is a list of our Stella range

Stella 10C | Download TDS

Stella 15C | Download TDS

Stella 20C | Download TDS

Stella 22C | Download TDS

Stella 30C | Download TDS

Stella 32C | Download TDS

Stella 40C | Download TDS

Stella 46C | Download TDS

Stella 68C | Download TDS

Stella 100C | Download TDS

Stella 105C | Download TDS


Pharmaceutical and Food Contact

Our Solis Pharmaceutical and Food Contact-Liquid Paraffin can be safely used in multiple industries, such as: 

• Cosmetics

• Textiles, Plastics

• Agriculture

• Chemical

• Veterinary and

• Food Industries

Herewith below is a list of our Solis product Range

Solis 8FP | Download TDS

Solis 15FP | Download TDS

Solis 20FP | Download TDS

Solis 22FP | Download TDS

Solis 30FP | Download TDS

Solis 46FP | Download TDS

Solis 68FP | Download TDS

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